# Error Page

The error page is automatically displayed when someone tries to load a page that does not exist, you can see a demo at this link (opens new window)

Error page

This page shows a default background image but you can change it if you wish, there are two ways to do it:

Replace the default image file

  1. Unzip the theme folder.

  2. Replace the image located in the directory /galerie/assets/images/404.jpg. You should keep the same name and the same file extension.

  3. Zip the theme folder and upload it again.

Change image URL

  1. Inject the following styles in the Ghost Admin (Settings --> Code injection --> Site Header):
  .g-404-background__image {
    background-image: url(YOUR_IMAGE_URL);
  1. Replace YOUR_IMAGE_URL with the image URL you want to use. You must first host your image on an external service and obtain a public URL.

  2. Save your changes.