# Icon Pack

Galerie includes the following icons in case you want to use them somewhere in your website:

Icon name Class name
Menu scale icon-menu-scale
Search icon-search
Arrow right icon-arrow-right
Cancel icon-cancel
Calendar icon-calendar
Clock outline icon-clock-outline
Link icon-link
Nav arrow left icon-nav-arrow-left
Nav arrow right icon-nav-arrow-right
Nav arrow down icon-nav-arrow-down
Arrow left icon-arrow-left
Language icon-language
RSS feed squared icon-rss-feed-squared
Dribbble icon-dribbble
Facebook squared icon-facebook-squared
Google icon-google
Instagram icon-instagram
Linkedin icon-linkedin
Medium icon-medium
Pocket icon-pocket
Telegram icon-telegram
Tiktok icon-tiktok
Twitter icon-twitter
Youtube icon-youtube
Cloud icon-cloud
Github icon-github
Home simple door icon-home-simple-door
Heart icon-heart
Chat bubble empty icon-chat-bubble-empty
Check circled outline icon-check-circled-outline
Modern tv icon-modern-tv
Half moon icon-half-moon
Sun light icon-sun-light
Stackoverflow icon-stackoverflow
Discord icon-discord
Behance squared icon-behance-squared
Pinterest icon-pinterest
Podcast icon-podcast
Phone icon-phone
Mail icon-mail
Shop icon-shop
Codepen icon-codepen
Creative commons icon-creative-commons
Emoji icon-emoji
Gitlab full icon-gitlab-full
Pin alt icon-pin-alt
Headset icon-headset
Star outline icon-star-outline
Camera icon-camera
Lock icon-lock
Cart icon-cart
Twitter verified badge icon-twitter-verified-badge
Credit card icon-credit-card
User icon-user
Half cookie icon-half-cookie
Apple mac icon-apple-mac
Thumbs up icon-thumbs-up
Thumbs down icon-thumbs-down
Wallet icon-wallet
Snapchat icon-snapchat
Paypal icon-paypal
Spotify icon-spotify

To use any of these icons you should use a code like this:

<span class="icon-youtube" aria-hidden="true"></span>

The example above shows the Youtube icon. To use the Instagram icon instead just replace youtube with instagram all in lowercase. The other icons work the same way.